Thursday, February 01, 2007

FEBRUARY 1, 2007, MEDICAL CONDITION UPDATE...Alive Hospice personnel came to our home on Wed., 1/31/07, to meet with the family and complete a very brief physical of Hawk. The Hospice personnel included a doctor, a RN and a social worker. All three ladies are wonderful. Dr. Karen Cassity, a Pediatrican, is a mother of 4 and 6 year old children. It is wonderful that Alive Hospice have these type individuals working with the families.

There has been a very marked, daily change in Hawk's condition, in the last 10 days especially. As reported in earlier update below, on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007, Hawk's left leg was a little weak and his right eye was pulling to the center.

On Thursday, Jan. 25, Hawk and Skyla had taken Mimi and Pa to the circus in Nashville (See write up in special activites under this blog site for the trip to circus). It was at the Gaylor Center in down town. We had parked and started walking into the building. Hawk had walked with very little problem at first. The back doors had been locked and we had to walk to the front of the building. Hawk had given out about half way and I carried him the rest of the way. His left foot was really dragging. We had to wait over half an hour for the building to open. During that time, he had rested and was back up playing with other kids. He had enjoyed the circus a lot. Several times he had commented that he really, really loved the circus with the clowns, or horses, or tigers, etc. It was a wonderful night for all. The kids spent the night with us and then went to Nana and Papa Smiths Friday morning. Hawk was walking better Friday morning.

We picked the kids up for church Sunday morning, Jan. 28. Hawk was having difficulty walking, his left foot was dragging when he picked it up and it was pointed inward. He would try and run, and would immediately fall.

I went to Lindy's on Tuesday, Jan 30, morning and Hawk could hardly stand. He needed to be held by both hands to walk. I did not notice any major problems with his arms.

Hawk spent Tuesday night with us. When I got home that afternoon, he was even having more difficulty walking and was showing considerable weakness in his left arm. This change occurred in the course of the day.

When we got up Wed., Jan. 31, he was having problems even taking steps with help. The weakness in the left arm was more pronounced. When the Dr. was giving him the tests, he could not touch his nose with the left finger tip.

He and I made up a game. In stead of picking him up to carry him, he sticks his legs out straight and we make out like he is water skiing on the hard wood floor and tile. He loves it and shouts to go faster.

Hawk is in great spirts. He enjoys playing. We sat at the table Tues. night and played with the play dough for close to an hour. His only pain now appears to be minor headaches and the Dr. told us to start tylenal every 6 hours on a constant basis.

Our prayer now is.... If it is not the Lord's will to perform a miracle and remove the tumor; that the rest of Hawk's journey be as painless, as enjoyable and as timely as possible. We pray that you will join us in this prayer for him.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

JANUARY 24, 2007 -- Hawk on TV channel 4 for Make a Wish...On Thursday, January 18, 2007, Hawk on was the More at Midday Show on TV Channel 4 with Holly Thompson. For the period 1/15-2/1/07, the TV show was hosting Make-A-Wish ("MAW") recipients to tell about their trips. Lindy was with Hawk and told of the wonderful experiences the family had at Disney World as a result of MAW. There was a TV monitor for Holly to be able to see what was being shown, i.e. pictures, during the show. Hawk could see the monitor. He was more interested in looking at the monitor and seeing himself on TV instead of listening to Holly's questions and talking to her. He still did a wonderful job.

MEDICAL UPDATE: Hawk's condition has deteriorated some. His right eye is pulling to the center. He is turning and cocking his head slightly to the left to compensate. He has complained some with headaches and his energy level is down some. This week there has been a marked change in his left leg dragging more when he walks.

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful holiday season. Hawk and Skyla had a lot of Christmas activities enjoying all the gifts and family visits. They had 5 different major family events between the Smith, Taylor and McPeak families. This was a real change from the 2005 Christmas season when he was taking radition treatments and hardly wanted to get off the couch.

We continue to thank you for your prayers and words of support. We truly believe that Hawk's current condition is so good because of the Lord hearing your prayers. The Lord continues to bless our family.

Monday, October 30, 2006

OCTOBER 30, 2006 MEDICAL UPDATE...Hawk had a MRI on October 19, 2006. Mark and Lindy went back on Thursday, October 26, 2006, to review the readings with Dr. K.

The results are disturbing. The MRI findings showed that the tumor had increased in size. Below is a portion of the report's findings:

"This mass appears to have increased slightly in size when compared to the prior study. This mass measures 3.7 cm in greatest axial dimension and previously measured 3.5 cm. In the craniocaudal dimension, this lesion also measured 3.5 cm and now measures 3.8 cm. In addition, the cavitary portion of the lesion in the superior aspect has increased in size as well.....IMPRESSION: This is only a minimal increase in size of the brain stem glioma when compared to the prior study dated July 24, 2006."

Even though the report's findings show only a "minimal increase", this is a sign of growth.

We are encouraged that Hawk's physical conditions remain very good. When he is tired you can see a slight limp in his left leg. Besides this, he is a typical 5 yr. old boy that is running and gunning all the time.

We are continually running into individuals that say that they have Hawk in their daily prayers and the prayers of their church. This is so uplifting to us. We give God thanks for your prayers. Please continue to remember Hawk and the family.

AUGUST 17, 2006, MEDICAL UPDATE... Hawk had a MRI on August 17, 2006. The report's findings showed that the lesion is unchanged from the prior study.

JULY 24, 2006, MEDICAL UPDATE...Hawk had a MRI on July 24, 2006. The report's findings were;

"The pons is expanded to the right and posteriorly causing mild mass effect on the fourth ventricle. The mass also insinuates anteriorly alongside the basil artery. The greatest axial measurement is approximately 3.5 cm which is slightly increased from prior study at which time it was approximately 3.3 cm. The greatest superimposing dimension is 3.5 cm which is slightly increased from 3.4 cm on prior study....IMPRESSION: Minimal increase in size of the brain stem glioma in comparison to prior study dated 5/16/06. There is more apparent increase in size when compared to study of 3/13/06.

Dr. K was not overly concerned by the minimal increase in size in the readings. He stated that the measurements are not an exact science. The MRI picture slices may be at slightly difference locations and thus result in slightly different readings. He was more encouraged that Hawk was showing no physical signs of change.

Friday, April 21, 2006

APRIL 21, 2006; Doctor's visit update report...

Hawk had his monthly Dr.'s visit on Thursday, April 20, 2006. The news was wonderful. Hawk had grown about half an inch and had lost about 3 lbs., down to 37 lbs., that he had gained when he was taking the steroids. His hair is beginning to grow in the two spots on the back of his head where he had lost all his hair from the radiation treatments.

He is in a wonderful mood and has wonderful energy. He is truly enjoying himself, his new home and life. He had a great Easter with his sister. They went to several Easter egg hunts.

We give praise to the Lord for his condition and for hearing all the prayers from all the prayer warriors around the country. You are wonderful. We continue to pray that the Lord will Bless you as you have Blessed our family.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


What a week it has been.

Monday, 3/13/06; We went to Vandy for Hawk to have a MRI. This took all morning.

We are proud to announce that afternoon, Lindy and Mark Taylor were married in a private cermony in Hartsville.

Tuesday, 3/14/06; The households were moved into Hawk's New Home by Atlas-Apex-Robert Lee Movers. The packing and loading started at 9 AM and did not finish until 8 PM. It was wall to wall boxes. We appreciate the great job they performed as a donation to Hawk.

Their new address is 4528 West Bairds Mill Drive, Lebanon, TN 37090.

Wednesday, 3/15/06; The unpacking started and is still continuing.

Thursday, 3/16/06; Hawk had an appointment with Dr. K at Vandy. We are glad to report that the MRI showed that the tumor had been reduced about 25% in size. (NOTE: It may seem that only a 25% reduction is not something to be glad about. But you must remember that radiation does not effect 50% of the tumors. Your prayers have been answered, even though we continue to pray for the complete removal of the tumor.) The tumor will continue to be monitored about every two months. Hawk's steroids were reduced to only a quarter mg a day. He is in a great mood and has a smile on his face all day. He also has good engery. He gets tired easier but goes hard all day. He has not lost much of the weight he gained as a result of the steriods.

Friday, 3/17/06; Work continued on Hawk's New House and driveway.

Saturday, 3/18/06; Work was done on the house and yard in Hartsville. It has been on the market since mid January but there have been few showings. With warm weather and grass starting to green up, we hope that the market will become hotter.

A lot of work has been completed on Hawk's New Home in the last two weeks. I will try to get an update on all the work within the next few days.

Please keep Hawk, the Taylor, the Smith, and McPeak families in your prayers. We would also appreciate prayers for the timely selling of the Hartsville house.

Your prayers, hugs and support continue to be appreciated by all. May the Lord Bless you as you have Blessed our families.

Friday, March 03, 2006

MARCH 3, 2006; Update on Hawk's condition for the week of 2/26-3/3/06.

Hawk had an appointment with Dr. K at Vandy on Monday, Feb. 27, 2006. This was just a routine checkup. All his blood work ups were good. He had gained over a pound since the Dr.'s appointment the previous week. He now weighs over 41 pounds. This is such a big change since the radiation treatments and steroids started in mid December, when he weighed only 32 pounds. The great news is that Dr. K reduced the steroids again to only a half mg a day. He does not have as big an appetite as before so maybe he will start to loss some of the weight.

The great news is that he has a smile all day and the energy to do what he wants to do, which is the most important thing.

The Lord has Blessed us with a very good period. Our prayers continue for a miracle that the tumor be removed, if is His Will. Please keep Hawk and all the Smith and McPeak families in your prayers.

It is encouraging to get comments back from the prayer warriors praying for Hawk and following his condition via the blog. On the 2/15/06 update, there are 5 comments. Three of them are from complete strangers that we have never met but who are praying for Hawk. They pass along their comments of encouragement of the miracle of prayer and how they are praying for Hawk. Via one of these comments, we now know that Hawk is being prayed for in Canada. This makes 4 countries that we are aware of that have people praying for him. Praise the Lord for His faithful followers, for their belief and their Love.

I will have a lot to report next week. There are many activities planned for Hawk's New Home in the next few days. The update will be in the blog for Hawk's New Home. Please be sure to link to the site next weekend.

In Christian Love, Pa

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


What a day this has been. The Lord has been so good to Hawk and his family through the generous actions of so many individuals in our community.

At 2 PM, there was a school assembly of Watertown Elementary School ("WES"). Ms Anita Christian and Cheryl Ellison, the Principal and Assistant Principal respectively of WES, notified Hawk, Lindy and the entire assembly of WES that the Silent Auction and Benefit Concert held February 4 had raised over $36, 800. Ms Anita thanked all the students for all their efforts helping raise the funds. She praised them for all their efforts on Hawk's behalf.

WES Music Teacher Marilyn Willoughby then led the fourth, fifth and sixth grade students in Hawk's song, one written specially for Hawk. The performance was wonderful.

We can not fully and truly express our appreciation for all the people that attended the concert, donated items and the individuals that bought them. Also, to all the individuals that just donated money for Hawk.

At 3:45 PM; Hawk, Skyla and Lindy went to Hawk's New Home. As reported in this blog earlier, volunteers had worked on Saturday, 2/11/06, to clean out the trash; remove all the flooring and old wall paper; and bead board that had been used to cover the kitchen cabinets and some of the den and master bedroom walls. Work had started on refurishing the house after the family left for Hawk's Make A Wish trip to Florida on Tuesday, 2/7/06. Volunteers had worked days, nights and the weekend to complete the work. The family had not been allowed to visit the house until today since being there on Monday, 2/6/06. A full report will be prepared later this week with before and after pictures . There will be articles in the local newspapers this week and Channel 5 News will have a report on their Thursday 6 PM news of the Extreme Home Makeover-Wilson County Style. The makeover has been wonderful. There is still work to be done and there are plans to complete this work. But, you can not believe the work that has been completed in only 9 days. It is totally amazing what this wonderful group of individuals have completed. It has shown me that I have so much to do to be more involved in my community and the ones in need.

I want to share with you just a few of the actions that have touched us so much in the last few weeks as follows:

A) I came into the Learning Center one day to pick up the kids. Ms. Kelly, Skyla's teacher, had one of the large Tootsie Roll tubes that had been given to her from a high school student. She did not know who the student was. A slot had been cut in the top of the tube to be able to deposit money in it. It was a small piggy bank. Ms. Kelly explained that there was $4.91 in change in the tube. The funds were mainly in pennies, nickels, and dimes. It is apparent to us that the student had been saving the money over an extended period. We can imagine that this student had been saving for something special. Instead, the student had donated these funds to Hawk. We just wish that we could give this student a hug. We do know that the Lord has Blessed him for his Love for one of God's little ones.

B) During the Silent Auction held at Watertown 2/4/06, Barbara (Mimi) bought a few pictures for Hawk's New Home. When she was paying for the items, a lady handed her a certificate for an oil change. The lady had been the successful bidder for the item and she wanted Lindy to have it. This was very generous but then she explained that this was the most expensive oil change she had ever bought, she had paid $400 for it. Praise the Lord!!!!

C) We flew Southwest Airlines to Florida for Hawk's Make A Wish trip. About an hour into the flight, one of the stewardesses came by and handed me a note that she said she had found in the aisle at the back of the plane. On the outside of the folded note, it was penned "Make A Wish tomorrow--Enjoy Orlando--Please open". On the inside, it was penned "Please accept a ittle gift to make this trip a little better. My Prayers are with your son and your family. God Bless. PS. Have a great time". There was a $100 bill folded inside. We asked the stewardess for the name of the donator. She simply said that she had found it in the middle of aisle. We sent a note back stating "Thanks so very much. May you be blessed as we are being blessed by your generosity". No announcement had been made. Mimi had her Make A Wish T-shirt on and the person had noticed it and acted.

D) Mimi and I took the kids to eat at Cracker Barrel after Hawk's visit to his new home this afternoon. A lady recognized Hawk as we were waiting for a table. She asked him about tractors. He said that he drove Pa's John Deere tractor. She bought him a book about JD tractors at the counter. It is wonderful how people just reach out to Hawk and make him happy.

A half box of tissues have been used writing this update. Please continue to keep Hawk in your prayers for a miracle. His fate is now totally in the Lord's Hands. It will be our prayer that you and yours are Blessed as we are being Blessed by you.

We have also be Blessed to learn that Mike (Papa) Smith's prostrate cancer has not spread. Surgery in the future should be able to remove the cancer. Details will be discussed with the Dr. on Thursday, 2/16/06. Thanks for your prayers on his and his family's behave.